Monday, March 23, 2009

the new remix dj shan > 'Biography'

in the memory of 'hosein panahi'
میزی برای کار
کاری برای تخت
تختی برای خواب
خوابی برای جان
جانی برای مرگ
مرگی برای یاد
یادی برای سنگ

'این بود زندگی'؟
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Biography > Gazolin

Gazolin are

Ali: Guitars, Piano, Vocals
Andre: Drums
TimB: Bass, Guitars

Fellow musicians Ali & Andre formed Gazolin in 2001 At Morley Music school in West London. After a few member changes TimB an ex-member of Blue People Society joined the band as a permanent member & Gazolin became what it is today. The three members Ali. (guitar/vocals piano), Andre (drums) and TimB.(Bass/Guitars), had one thing in common. THEY WANTED TO ROCK THE IRANIAN MUSIC SCENE.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


salam khedmate hameya dostaya khoobam man har mah remix jadidio misazam ba mozohaye ke hamishe bahash saro kar darim va zendegi mikonim in mah remixo baraton amade kardam be esme 'ARMAGEDDON' man in musico bar asase jange bayne niki va badi sakhtam va eteghadi ke ma hameya mardom darim be zendegiya pas az marg . omidvaram khosheton biyad khooshal misham ke nazar va pishnahadatono baram ersal koonid
Hi my friends
I upload my new remix each month. They are all about sensible subjects that may occur in your life. I called this month’s remix “ARMAGEDDON” which is battle between good and evil. There is such this in life and afterlife.
I wish you would all love my new remixes and I’d be glad to know your ideas and opinions about those.
Thanks Dj Shan

The Revolution of Remix . 'ARMAGEDDON' by DJ shan

My muSic, My liFe...

I believe in 3 miracles, music, the ability to talk and the power to reunite..... That's why I'm here..